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Why a Pre-Sales Community?

There are a ton of communities out there. Some for all sales people. Some specific to customer success. Hell, there are even niche communities dedicated to single roles (like the CRO) these days! But alas, there isn't anything for us in the world of cybersecurity pre-sales!

Cybersecurity itself is a huge beast. Now mix in a healthy dose of sales jargon, processes, and customer needs; suddenly we have one very complex situation. That’s why we built this space - for cybersecurity pre-sales teams to get support, resources, and build relationships with your peers.

Our missions is to be a supportive place for anyone in cybersecurity pre-sales; from those that just landed their first cybersecurity pre-sales role, to leading a team of hundreds of people. Whether you are trying to level up in your current role or ready to take the next step, we have your back; let’s grow and reach that goal together.

This is our why.

What's Inside

  • A private Slack community of cybersecurity pre-sales professionals
  • Career advice and guidance from those that have been there before
  • Topics focused on delivering demos, building a lab, and mastering the POC process
  • Feedback groups for help on iterating ideas and content
  • Our best productivity hacks (because who isn’t being asked to do more with less?)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not in a pre-sales role yet?

No worries, we can help you get there! If you are an aspiring cybersecurity pre-sales professional, we'd suggest you check out Scout first. It was designed to help you break into the role and the industry.

I'm a cybersecurity practitioner, is this for me?

Absolutely. You’ve already got a head start by knowing the industry, some of the technologies, and some of the common customers. Now let’s help you polish your sales skills and make the transition into pre-sales!

What does this cost?

Nothing. We are focused on building a supportive community with a high level of engagement. While there is no cost to join, we do review each submission to ensure each person joining is a solid fit.

I'm in pre-sales, but not cybersecurity. Is this for me?

Probably not. While there are a lot of similarities among pre-sales roles in general, the cybersecurity industry is a very specific beast with its own nuances. That being said, if you are looking to make a switch into the cybersecurity field as a pre-sales professional…we’d love to help you accomplish that!